Episode 38: Shannan Wilson, Bruce Van Dusen, Brian Trenchard-Smith, Clint Lorance, and Colman Domingo


In this episode, I visit with actress Shannan Wilson about her upcoming projects and pursuing an acting career during the pandemic. Commercial director and author Bruce Van Dusen talks about his memoir “60 STORIES ABOUT 30 SECONDS: How I Got Away with Becoming a Pretty Big Commercial Director without Losing My Soul (Or Maybe Just Part of It)”. B-movie director Brian Trenchard-Smith talks about his book “Adventures in the B-Movie Trade”. I also visit with Clint Lorance about his new book “Stolen Honor: Falsely Accused, Imprisoned, and My Long Road to Freedom”. Actor and now director Colman Domingo visits about his directorial debut of this week’s episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” on AMC.

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