S2E54 – Kim and Penn Holderness, Paget Brewster, Elle Marr, Charlie Ward, Jason Peterson, and Scott Sean White

In this episode we visit with Kim and Penn Holderness of the Holderness family, Paget Brewster, Elle Marr, Charlie Ward, Jason Peterson, and Scott Sean White.

Viral sensations Kim and Penn Holderness tell us about their debut book “Everybody Fights: Why Not Get Better at It?” Kim also shares what they learned about each other during the pandemic.

Actress and voice actress Paget Brewster talks about her new animated series “Birdgirl”, which premieres Sunday night at midnight ET/11 PM CT on Adult Swim.

Best-selling author Elle Marr visited with me on release day (4/1) abut her new book “Lies We Bury”. We talk about the inspiration behind her literary heroines, and how her future writing goals have changed since her debut release. Find more about her works on her website https://ellemarr.com/

Former Heisman Trophy winner, NBA veteran and podcaster Charlie Ward visits about the upcoming Final Four plus his BLEAV in the ACC podcast on the BLEAV Podcast Network.

Thought leader and innovator Jason Peterson talks about remonetizing the music industry, and best social media practices for aspiring musicians. Find more information about his many endeavors at https://godigitalmg.com/

Singer songwriter Scott Sean White talks about his upcoming debut album “Call It Even” which releases on April 23. We discuss his songwriting inspiration, and his response to the feedback he’s received on his new music. For more information, please visit his website https://www.scottseanwhite.com/

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