S2E74 – John Ratzenberger, Lala Kent, Thorbjørn Harr, Elise Harper, and Dew Pendleton

In this episode, we visit with John Ratzenberger, reality star and author Lala Kent, actor Thorbjørn Harr, country artist Elise Harper, and singer-songwriter Dew Pendleton.

John Ratzenberger makes a special stop by in honor of National Skilled Worker Day. We talk about the changes in workforce, and misguided stereotypes of skilled labor. John also shares some exciting news of upcoming projects in 2021.

Reality star/singer/actress/entrepreneur/author Lala Kent shares with us about her book “Give Them Lala”. We talk about the inspirations behind the book of essays. She also talked about being vulnerable in the book on a variety of subjects that have connected with readers.

Norwegian stage and screen actor Thorbjørn Harr tells us about the intense thriller “The Tunnel” which is available now. Thorbjørn talks about the history of tunnels in the highlands, and the fears many talked about for years coming true in this film. Find “The Tunnel” anywhere on demand.

Our next guest is country artist Elise Harper. We get to know Elise a bit better, learning about her early musical influences. She also tells about the songwriting process behind her single “Dirt” which is available for pre-save and purchase on May 12. Find out more at eliseharpermusic.com

Friend of the show, singer, songwriter, pianist, strummer and so much more Dew Pendleton shares another great visit with us. Dew talks about his schedule now with new music, venues opening up, and more. We also talk about his new emphasis on videos and he plays a couple of acoustic tunes as well. Check Dew out on all socials, and his website.

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