S2E76 – Christina Hunger, Holt McCallany, Jeff Fahey, and Louie Giglio

In this episode, we visit with author Christina Hunger, actor Holt McCallany, actor Jeff Fahey, along with author and minister Louie Giglio.

Christina Hunger visits about her dog Stella and the journey of learning and teaching they’ve been on. She talks about her new book “How Stella Learned To Talk: The Groundbreaking Story of the World’s First Talking Dog”, and also tells how we can learn from our pets other cues. Find out more about her and Stella’s work at www.hungerforwords.com

Holt McCallany shares about the new movie “The Wrath of Man” which is in theaters now. We talk about how this is the perfect movie for an exciting movie night – especially as theaters are beginning to open a bit more.

Jeff Fahey talks about his new movie with Mena Suvari “Locked In” – which is also available today. Jeff also shares about how the industry has adapted it’s storytelling, and how he sees that shaping theater in the coming years.

Our final guest is an author, speaker, pastor, and so much more. Louie Giglio visits about his new book “Don’t Give The Enemy A Seat At Your Table”. He also shares the story behind the book, and how timely it’s message is. Find out more at www.LouieGiglio.com

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