S2E116 – David Zucchino, Candice DeLong, Earl Swift, and Martin Keller

In this episode we visit with Pulitzer Prize winner David Zucchino, former FBI profiler/podcaster Candice DeLong, author Earl Swift, and author Martin Keller.

Author David Zucchino tells us the backstory to his book “Wilmington’s Lie”. David tells us the history of the event that has been hidden for so long. We talk about the timeliness of it’s message, and how we can make changes today. For more information about the book and more visit https://groveatlantic.com/author/david-zucchino/

Former FBI profiler Candice DeLong talks about her new podcast “Killer Psyche” – which is now available. Candice talks about her time in the FBI, covering some big cases, and how that inspired her podcast. Find the podcast anywhere you listen to podcast, and find more information at https://wondery.com/shows/killer-psyche/

Author Earl Swift shares his lifelong inspiration leading to his latest book “ACROSS THE AIRLESS WILDS: The Lunar Rover and the Triumph of the Final Moon Landings”. Earl talks about how the use of rovers on the moon have made a huge impact that many don’t realize. Find more information about the book and more at https://www.earlswift.com/

Author Martin Keller spends a visit with us about his new book “The Space Pen Club”. Martin tells us where his inspiration came from, and how long the process of the write was. We also talk about public perception changes on the idea of extraterrestrials, UFO sightings, and “the unknown”. Find out more information at https://www.thespacepenclub.com/

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