S2E123 – Minnie Murphy and Scott Hamilton Harris

In this episode we visit with singer-songwriter Minnie Murphy, and Scott Hamilton Harris – who we refer to as “The Ultimate Home Creator”.

Singer-songwriter Minnie Murphy tells us about her new single “Get Over It”. Minnie shares her early love of music, the inspiration for writing, and her instrument of choice while writing. She also tells about how life has taught her to appreciate things more – especially this last year or more. For more information on her music, upcoming dates, and more visit www.MinnieMurphyMusic.com

Scott Hamilton Harris – luxury builder and “Ultimate Home Creator” stops by for a monthly segment on home repair, DIY projects, etc. Scott talks about current market price effects on projects, along with answering some listener questions he’d received. If you’d like to submit a question for upcoming episodes, simply visit the contact page. For more information on Scott, visit http://www.buildingcgroup.com/

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