S2E129 – Mike Edison, Mark Sanford, Paul Anka, and Joel Soisson

In this episode we visit with drummer and author Mike Edison, former Governor Mark Sanford, legendary singer-songwriter Paul Anka, and writer/producer/director Joel Soisson.

Mike Edison shares a visit memorializing one of his idols – Charlie Watts. Mike talks about the book he put out in 2019 “Sympathy for the Drummer: Why Charlie Watts Matters” and what impact Charlie Watts had on the music industry as a whole. Find out more about Mike’s books, socials, and more at https://mikeedison.com/

Former governor of South Carolina Mark Sanford tells us about his new book “Two Roads Diverged”. Gov. Sanford shares what the world is facing and how we must make some changes and work together. He also shares how the lessons learned through his hardships have allowed him to share hope with others. For more information about his book and more visit https://www.marksanford.com/

Legendary singer and songwriter Paul Anka shares with us about his latest album “Making Memories”. Paul talks about his recent 80th birthday, and the stars who he collaborated with on this album. We also visit about his latest TikTok celebrity status. For more on his album, upcoming tour dates, social media and more visit https://www.paulanka.com/

Our final guest is legendary horror producer, writer and director Joel Soisson. His new movie “My Best Worst Adventure” will be available digitally on September 1. We talk about this movie being a break from his horror roots, plus the inspiration behind the characters and locations in the movie. We even talk about what he’s looking for in an audition. For more information about the movie and more on socials and streaming services.

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