S2E133 – Robert Davi, Alicia Witt, Scotty Alexander, Jeremy Sisto, and Daemon Hillin

In this episode we visit with actor and singer Robert Davi, singer-songwriter and actress Alicia Witt, country singer-songwriter Scotty Alexander, actor Jeremy Sisto, and producer Daemon Hillin.

Actor and singer Robert Davi tells us about the new movie “I Love Us”.Robert also talks about his latest musical inspirations, and how this last couple years music has been instrumental in his mental well-being.Find out more about his music, touring, upcoming credits and more at www.davisingssinatra.com

Actress, singer and songwriter Alicia Witt talks about her latest album release “The Conduit”. We talk about plating “live shows” will never be the same again – especially after living through pandemic. Find out more about her upcoming music, tour dates, acting roles, and more at www.aliciawittmusic.com.

Singer and songwriter Scotty Alexander visits about his latest music, playing for live audiences, and his influences in the industry. We also talk about how the past couple years have impacted music releases. Scotty also shares his musical influences, and how they have solidified his faith in himself and music. find more about his music, tours, and more at www.scottyalexander.com

Actor Jeremy Sisto shares with us about the new and upcoming episodes of “FBI”. We also talk about his new film “Last Night in Rozzie” – which is available now. Jeremy evens shares about his official fan club following. For more information about his upcoming roles, and more visit his socials.

Acclaimed producer Daemon Hillin comes by to talk about his new film “Apache Junction”. Daemon tells us how pandemic affected the filming, and even location of the film. He also talks about coordinating schedules with the leads for a “return” to the filming process. For more in his films, socials and more visit https://www.hillin-entertainment.com/

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