S2E136 – Ken Seeley, John Cameron Mitchell, Peter Stormare, Olivia Starling, and Scott Hamilton Harris

In this episode we visit with featured expert Ken Seeley from A&E’s “Intervention”, actor and podcaster John Cameron Mitchell, actor Peter Stormare, entrepreneur and founder of Starlette Galleria – Olivia Starling, and our monthly visit with Luxury Builder – The Ultimate Home Creator Scott Hamilton Harris.

Featured expert Ken Seeley from the A&E series “Intervention” comes by to talk about the upcoming season – which premieres on Monday, October 18th. Ken talks about the trends he’s been seeing over the past several years, and how the show addresses major issues that are facing millions of people daily. Find out more by visiting A&E’s socials and website.

Writer and composer for the podcast musical “Anthem: Homunculus” – John Cameron Mitchell talks about the inspiration behind the stage show that grew into the podcast. John talks about his inspiration on this and previous releases. Find out more about the podcast and more on his socials.

Actor Peter Stormare shares with us about the new movie “The Grand Duke of Corsica” – which is in theaters now. Peter talks about his character, and how his true-life inspirations behind his many characters. For more information on his movies and other projects visit https://www.stormare.se/ or his social accounts.

Entrepreneur, influencer and founder of Starlette Galleria – Olivia Starling – shares some tips for promoting your business with social media – specifically TikTok in this visit. Olivia talks about the concepts, strategies, and help you might need to make a productive campaign. Find out more on her website https://www.starlettegalleria.com/

Luxury Builder – The Ultimate Home Creator – Scott Hamilton Harris shares a monthly visit – talking DIY projects and answering listener questions. We answer questions submitted by listeners from Nevada, California, and Minnesota in today’s mail bag. Find out more about Scott’s work at https://www.buildingcgroup.com/

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