S2E158 – Ryan Serhant, Sharon Gless, Marc Wasserman, and Chris Parsons

On today’s episode we visit with Ryan Serhant – CEO/Founder of SERHANT, bestselling author and star of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York, actress and author Sharon Gless about her memoir “Apparently There Were Complaints”, bassist and author Marc Wasserman and his book “An Oral History of American Ska + Reggae”, and author Chris Parson shares his interactive book “A Little Spark”.

CEO/Founder of SERHANT, bestselling author and star of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York Ryan Serhant talks about new episodes of his podcast series “Big Money Energy”. Ryan shares his insights into the entrepreneurs who’ve made it, in spite of stacked odds. We also share about the misconceptions of “overnight successes”. For more information, please visit his website https://ryanserhant.com/

Actress and author Sharon Gless goes into the story behind her memoir “Apparently There Were Complaints” – which releases tomorrow (12/7/21). Sharon shares how the meeting she was expecting a role from, ended up with a book deal instead. For more information about her book, social and more please visit https://www.sharongless.com/

Marc Wasserman shares the details about debut book “Ska Boom: An Oral History of American Ska + Reggae” – which is available now. Marc tells us about his early Ska influences, and what “a-ha” moments he had while working on the book. Marc also shares what – as a musician – he gets from ska. For more information about the book please visit https://diwulf.com or follow him on socials.

Author and tech guru Chris Parsons tells us about his latest project “A Little Spark”. Chris shares his inspiration behind the project, how he uses tech to help with such a diverse project, and how it’s being used in curriculum. For more information about this amazing series, please visit http://www.bethatspark.com/

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