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Latest from the Podcast

S2E138 – Dr. Julie Gatza, Kristin & Jen, Melora Hardin, and James Robert Webb

In this episode we visit with Dr. Julie Gatza, comedians and #IMOMSOHARD stars Kristin & Jen, actress and DWTS competitor Melora Hardin, and country singer and songwriter James Robert Webb. Health educator Dr. Julie Gatza is one of the nation’s top chiropractic physicians with more than 30 years of clinical practice during which she assisted many thousands of patients…

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S2E137 – Jon Bramnick, Jeremy Rosado, Jershika Maple, and Michael Monroe Goodman

In this episode we visit with public servant, comedian and author Jon Bramnick, from The Voice Team Kelly’s Jeremy Rosado, Jershika Maple – who was stolen by Team Legend, and country singer-songwriter Michael Monroe Goodman. Jon Bramnick – known as “The Funniest Lawyer in New Jersey” – tells us about his new book “Why People…

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S2E136 – Ken Seeley, John Cameron Mitchell, Peter Stormare, Olivia Starling, and Scott Hamilton Harris

In this episode we visit with featured expert Ken Seeley from A&E’s “Intervention”, actor and podcaster John Cameron Mitchell, actor Peter Stormare, entrepreneur and founder of Starlette Galleria – Olivia Starling, and our monthly visit with Luxury Builder – The Ultimate Home Creator Scott Hamilton Harris. Featured expert Ken Seeley from the A&E series “Intervention”…

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