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Latest from the Podcast

S2E131 – Richard Masur, David Henrie, James S. Murray, Meathead Goldwyn, and Scott Hamilton Harris

Advertisements In this episode, we visit with actor Richard Masur, director/actor David Henrie, actor/comedian/author James S. Murray, BBQ Hall-of-Famer Meathead Goldwyn, and luxury builder – The Ultimate Home Creator Scott Hamilton Harris. Character actor Richard Masur tells us about the new movie “Hudson” – which is available now. Richard talks about the story and his…

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S2E130 – Brandon Lang, Susan Anton, John C. McGinley, and Damon DiMarco

Advertisements In this episode we talk about the upcoming football games with Brandon Lang, legendary actress Susan Anton talks about the TV series “Idol Chat”, actor John C. McGinley talks about his role in the final season of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, and author Damon DiMarco talks about the 20th Anniversary Edition of “TOWER STORIES: AN ORAL…

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S2E129 – Mike Edison, Mark Sanford, Paul Anka, and Joel Soisson

Advertisements In this episode we visit with drummer and author Mike Edison, former Governor Mark Sanford, legendary singer-songwriter Paul Anka, and writer/producer/director Joel Soisson. Mike Edison shares a visit memorializing one of his idols – Charlie Watts. Mike talks about the book he put out in 2019 “Sympathy for the Drummer: Why Charlie Watts Matters”…

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