S2E102 – Wesley K. Clark and Wesley Clark Jr, Courtney Gains, and Bly

In this episode, we visit with Former NATO commander Wesley K. Clark and his son Wesley Clark, Jr., along with actor/musician Courtney Gains, and singer/songwriter Bly.

Former NATO commander Wesley Clark and his son visit about the documentary “Hot Money”. They share the misconceptions about climate change and how that adversely affects the global economy. We also discuss how change can happen, and is that even something we can effect individually. Find out more about the documentary at https://www.hotmoneyfilm.com/

Actor and musician Courtney Gains – who you might remember from such movies as “Children of the Corn”, “The Burbs”, “Back To The Future”, “Can’t Buy Me Love” and many more – talks about his latest movie project “Queen Bees”. Courtney makes a cameo appearance in the film which includes such acting legends as Ann-Margret, James Caan, Ellyn Burstyn, Jane Curtin, and Christopher Lloyd. We also talk about his musical inspiration over the past year and his 30+ years in show business. Find more about all his works on Facebook and Instagram.

Up and coming singer-songwriter Bly drops in to visit about his upcoming single “Drunk Dial” – which is available Friday, July 2, 2021. We talk about the exciting things that have happened since graduation, his signing, and outlook for the rest of 2021 and beyond. For more info on his music, tour dates, and more follow Bly on all the socials.

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