S2E108 – Anna Seregina and Kyle Minozo, Gail Simmons, Axel O, and Meathead Goldwyn

In this episode we visit with comediennes/podcast hosts Anna Seregina and Kyle Minozo, culinary expert and host Gail Simmons, Icelandic country singer Axel O, and grill man extraordinaire Meathead Goldwyn.

Anna and Kyle from “The Truth Hounds” podcast share the inspiration and ideas that sparked the new show. We also talk about upcoming episodes, the challenges of starting a podcast, plus where to find more info. Check out their podcast anywhere you listen to yours, and follow them on Instagram or Twitter.

Trained culinary expert, food writer, and dynamic television┬ápersonality Gail Simmons tells us all about the new series “Top Chef Amateurs” – which premiered July 1 on Bravo. We talk about the challenges these amateurs face in the inaugural season, and how they battle through the “Top Chef Kitchen” to advance. Gail even shares her cooking inspirations throughout the pandemic. For more information, please visit www.GailSimmons.com or BravoTV.com

Icelandic-based country singer-songwriter Axel O visits about his latest single “Here I Wanna Live”. We talk about his musical upbringing, and how this last year has affected his songwriting style. You can find more info on his music, tour dates, and more at AxelOmusic.com

Our final guest is Meathead Goldwyn. In our monthly grilling conversation, we talk about grilling seafood – and even some summer fruit/vegetable ideas. Meathead also gives us some rare insights into the challenges fish presents on the grill. You can find more information on his book, recipes, and much more at amazingribs.com

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