S2E112 – Amy Bruni, Becky Robinson, Forrest Galante, Sarah Wayne Callies, and Richard Sterban

In this episode we visit with TV host and podcaster Amy Bruni, voice actress/comedian Becky Robinson, international biologist Forrest Galante, actress/director/podcaster Sarah Wayne Callies, and Richard Sterban of The Oak Ridge Boys.

Amy Bruni – co-star and Executive Producer of the hit paranormal series Kindred Spirits – visits about her new podcast “Haunted Road”. We talk about the process behind the new episodes, and the challenges faced this past year. For more information, follow Amy on all her socials.

Comedian, voice actor and writer Becky Robinson tells us about her new Nickelodeon animated series “Middlemost Post”. Beck shares her story behind getting involved with voice acting, plus the challenges as a comedian and writer this last year. For more information, you can find socials, tour dates, and more at BeckyRobinsonthegreat.com

International wildlife biologist – Forrest Galante – talks about Shark Week, with episodes available streaming now. Forrest also talks about his particular episodes “Extinct Or Alive: Jaws Of Alaska” and “Mystery Of The Black Demon Shark”. We also talk about his book “Still Alive: A Wild Life of Rediscovery“. For more information on his book, socials and more please visit www.ForrestGalante.com

Actress, dorector, and podcaster Sarah Wayne Callies tells us about her new project “After Shock”. She talsk about the difference in producing podcasts, as opposed to her many TV and movie projects like “The Walking Dead” and “Prison Break”. Sarah also tells us about how this concept came about, and the response from those she’s reached out to be involved. For more information about the podcast and more visit www.SarahWayneCallies.com

Legendary bass singer of The Oak Ridge Boys – Richard Sterban – talks about the new single “Love, Light, and Healing”. We talk about the video premiere on CMT, the group’s many milestones, and his book “From Elvis to Elvira: My Life On Stage”. For more information about The Oak Ridge Boys, visit www.OakRidgeBoys.com

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