S2E124 – Kitt Shapiro, K. L. Harris, and Zachariah Malachi

In this episode we visit with author and daughter of the late Eartha Kitt – Kitt Shapiro, debut fantasy author K. L. Harris, and singer-songwriter Zachariah Malachi.

Kitt Shapiro tells us about the new memoir “Eartha & Kitt: A Daughter’s Love Story in Black and White”. Kitt shares some stories that were brought to mind in the process of writing the book, plus the expected take away from readers. For more information, please visit https://www.simplyeartha.com/

Debut fantasy author K. L. Harris tells us about the inspiration behind her book “Equillian’s Key”. K. L. also talks about how her intended book evolved into a series. K. L. also talks about how her acting experience helps in the development of characters in her writing. For more information, please visit her website www.masterofmakebelieve.com

Michigan native country singer-songwriter Zachariah Malachi stops by to visit about his patest music “Local Bar Opry Star”. Zachariah tells us about his early influences of classic country greats like Hank Williams and Webb Pierce. He also talks about his writing inspiration since moving to Nashville. For more information, please visit https://www.zachariahmalachi.com/

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