S2E125 – Linda Rodriguez-McRobbie, Nurse Blake, Thom Shepherd, and Joe and Martina

In this episode we visit with podcast host Linda Rodriguez-McRobbie, comedian and viral sensation Nurse Blake, singer-songwriter and artist Thom Shepherd, along with country duo Joe and Martina.

Podcast host Linda Rodriguez-McRobbie tells us about the new podcast “Newton’s Law”. We talk about the surprising facts at the heart of the series, which delves into Sir Isaac Newton’s span of time in law enforcement. Find out more about the podcast wherever you stream podcasts.

Comedian and viral sensation Nurse Blake tells us about his upcoming tour “The PTO Comedy Tour”. Blake also tells us about his inspiration behind the viral videos, and how it’s led to the comedy tour, podcasting, and so much more. Find more about all his content at www.NurseBlake.com

Country singer-songwriter duo Joe and Martina stop by to talk about their new EP “Easy To Love”. Joe and Martina go track-by-track telling us all about their new music. We also talk about getting to play live music again, and what they realize they’d missed about it. Find more information on their music, tour dates, social media and more at www.JoeandMartina.com

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