S2E140 – Gymani, Sabrina Dias, Holly Forbes, Hailey Mia, Carson Peters, and Darby Stanchfield

In this episode we visit with several contestants who have advanced through the Battle Round on Season 21 of The Voice. From Team Kelly – Gymmani, Holly Forbes, and Hailey Mia; from Team Legend – Sabrina Dias; and from Team Blake – Carson Peters. We also visit with actress Darby Stanchfield about Season 2 of “Locke and Key” – which is streaming now on Netflix.

Voice Contestants we visit with in this episode include:


Gymani grew up in the church where both of her parents were ministers. Her entire family is musical so singing came to her naturally and she participated in chorus and band throughout school. She decided to pursue music in college and got accepted into Berklee College of Music, but sadly, wasn’t able to attend after falling on hard times financially. Last year, Gymani welcomed her second daughter and has been working two jobs to make ends meet as a single mom. Through it all, she never gave up on her music and has been gigging in the Atlanta area at various events. Gymani is ready to do music on a larger scale and hopes her time on “The Voice” will inspire her daughters to always follow their dreams.


Sabrina grew up in a religious household with her Brazilian parents and younger sister. At an early age, she found a passion for drumming and started taking lessons at nine years old. Her drum skills got her into a performing arts high school and it opened her eyes to the world of music. At 16, she started singing and went on to learn guitar. She began leading worship and singing in church and later enrolled in voice lessons to perfect her skills. She continued with her passions through school and received a degree in music and later her masters in education. Sabrina is currently a music teacher for pre-k to eighth grade students and lives with her fiancée Kamilla and Kamilla’s daughter, whom she considers her own.


Holly joined choir in middle school, around the same time she started having medical issues and ended up losing her hair. She often felt self-conscious because of her appearance, but luckily music allowed her to regain her confidence. She started singing competitively and currently gigs with her partner Seth, the father of her two children. Outside of being a mom, Holly is a caregiver at a center for adults with disabilities. She helps teach them daily tasks like cooking and cleaning and sings with them as a way to incorporate her love for music.


Hailey grew up with a love of music and has been singing since she could talk. At eight years old, she had to have surgery to correct the deteriorating vision in her right eye, but says music was the driving force that got her through it all. After a successful surgery she regained over thirty percent of her vision and went on to teach herself how to read music and play the piano. She participates in choir and talent shows and is getting ready to attend a technical high school where she’ll get to take courses in vocal performance. As the youngest in the competition, Hailey has been waiting for the day she turned 13 so she can finally sing on “The Voice” stage.


Carson started playing the fiddle at just three years old and began performing at four. He quickly became a local sensation and gained national attention after performing on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” at eight years old. He put his fiddle skills to work and started playing in bands, one of which opened for his idol, Ricky Skaggs. At ten years old Carson’s dreams were coming true and he got invited to perform with Skaggs at the Grand Ole Opry. Despite his success and love for the fiddle, Carson decided to make a name for himself as a singer as well and started his own bluegrass band. Outside of school, Carson has spent the past five years touring all over the U.S. as the lead singer in his band.

Actress Darby Stanchfield also visits about Season 2 of “Locke and Key” – which is now streaming on Netflix. For more information visit https://www.netflix.com or follow Darby on all the socials.

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