S2E142 – Jen Kirkman, Albert Bouchard, Bill Moseley, Newt Gingrich, and Hayden Haddock

In this episode we visit with comedian/author/podcast host Jen Kirkman, founding member of Blue Oyster Cult Albert Bouchard, horror actor and friend of the show Bill Moseley, former Speaker of the House and best-selling author Newt Gingrich, and country singer songwriter and all-around good dude Hayden Haddock.

Comedian, author and podcast host Jen Kirkman tells us the story behind and going along with the podcast “Anxiety Bites”. Jen shares about her dealing with anxiety in day-to-day life, plus the experts she’s had the opportunity to share her platform with. Find her podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts.

Rock legend Albert Bouchard – founding member of Blue Oyster Cult – talks about his new project “Imaginos II”. Albert talks about the storyline this project continues and the darkness portrayed therein. Find out more about all his works at www.AlbertBouchard.net

Horror actor Bill Moseley visits for our annual October chat. This time around, Bill tells us about his latest theatrical work “Prisoners Of The Ghostland” with Nicolas Cage. We also talk about the project he is soon to begin filming. He’ll begin working on that project next month. Follow @choptopmoseley on all the socials.

Former Speaker of the House and best-selling author Newt Gingrich tells us about his new book “Beyond Biden; Rebuilding the America We Love” which releases November 2nd. Speaker Gingrich talks about the concerns many are dealing with right now, and how to move forward with hope. For more information on his books, podcasts, and more visit https://www.gingrich360.com/

Country singer and songwriter Hayden Haddock shares all about his new single “Wind It Down”. Hayden talks about hearing the song the first time and how he knew he was gonna record it. We also delve into what’s been happening since we last spoke, including him being named “New Male Vocalist of the Year” at the 2020 T3R Awards. For more info on his music, merch, tour dates, and more visit https://haydenhaddock.com/

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