S2E143 – Dana Schwartz, Gregg Sulkin, Brendan Borrell, Brandon Lang, Tamron Hall, and Townsend

In this episode we visit with podcaster/journalist Dana Schwartz, actor Gregg Sulkin, author Brendan Borrell, host and author Tamron Hall, and singer/songwriter Townsend. 

Podcast host and author Dana Schwartz talks about her latest podcast “Haileywood” – which is available now. Dana shares how she heard of the town of Hailey, Idaho and the story of the town’s relationship with residents Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. You can also listen to her podcasts “Haileywood” and “Noble Blood” anywhere you get your podcasts.

Actor Gregg Sulking visits about the new Netflix series “Pretty Smart” – which is available now. Gregg talks about the premise of the show, the cast, and building camaraderie on set during pandemic times. For more information, look up “Pretty Smart” on Netflix, or follow Gregg on all the socials.

Author Brendan Borrell stops by to talk about his new book “THE FIRST SHOTS: The Epic Rivalries and Heroic Science Behind the Race to the Coronavirus Vaccine“. Brendan shares his interest in the science behind the vaccines, and the race to be the first with the answer. Find more about his writing by visiting http://www.brendanborrell.com/

Sports handicapper, podcast host and friend of the show Brandon Lang tells us what to expect this weekend on the gridiron. Brandon also talks about his latest episode of his podcast “Best Damn Sports Betting Pod Period”. For more information visit his website https://www.brandonlang.com/

Host and author Tamron Hall shares about how she got inspired to write a novel in the midst of her hectic day-to-day life. Tamron tells us about the characters, the story, and the new-found writing interest she’s gained. Find out more about her other projects at https://tamronhallshow.com/

Arkansas’s own singer and songwriter Townsend makes her first visit to the show to discuss her new single “Stay” – which is available now. Townsend talks about her journey to the music she’s writing and producing these days, and how her sound has evolved. She also talks about what the pandemic has meant for independent artists. Find out more about her music, tour dates, merch and more at https://www.townsendtmusic.com/

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