S2E147 – Max Casella, Warren Ellis, and Meathead Goldwyn

In this episode we visit with actor Max Casella about his new movie “That Cold Dead Look In Your Eyes”, musician-composer-author Warren Ellis about his book “Nina Simone’s Gum”, and grill master Meathead Goldwyn shares some great Thanksgiving and post-Thanksgiving recipes. 

Actor Max Casella – who you might remember from “Doogie Howser, MD” and “The Sopranos” – tells us about the new movie “That Cold Dead Look In Your Eyes”. Max talks about working on the project (pre-pandemic), plus his role in the film. Max also talks about his latest acting inspirations, and what we can expect next. For more information, follow him on Instagram.

Musician, composer and author Warren Ellis shares the inspiration of his latest book “Nina Simone’s Gum”. Warren talks about where the idea of the book, and subsequent life journey began, and how the reception has been from readers. Find out more about the book at your favorite retailer.

Grill man extraordinaire Meathead Goldwyn shares some Thanksgiving turkey ideas, post-Thanksgiving leftover ideas, and more in our monthly visit. Meathead also talks about his new rubs and BBQ sauces – which are available now. For more information on any of the recipes, rubs, sauces, and more please visit https://amazingribs.com/

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