S2E152 – Charlie Berens, Robert Weide, Dr. Nina Shapiro, and John Teague

On today’s episode we discuss comedian and author Charlie Berens’ new book “The Midwest Survival Guide”, producer and director Robert Weide’s new documentary “KURT VONNEGUT: UNSTUCK IN TIME”, Dr. Nina Shapiro’s upcoming children’s health book “THE ULTIMATE KIDS’ GUIDE TO BEING SUPER HEALTHY”, and John Teague of the Teague Brothers Band talks about their new single “I Found Trouble” and upcoming album.

Comedian, influencer, and author Charlie Berens tells us about his inspiration behind “The Midwest Survival Guide” – which is available now. Charlie tells about his start doing  “The Manitowoc Minute” and what the first days after release have been. For more about his book, videos, tour dates, and more visit https://www.charlieberens.com/

Robert Weide, executive producer of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm and co-director of new documentary “KURT VONNEGUT: UNSTUCK IN TIME”, tells us about the great lengths he’s gone through making this movie. Robert shares how he first approached one of his favorite authors about doing a film about him, and his relationship with Kurt Vonnegut from that point forward. To find out more about his many projects, the documentary and more please visit https://www.duckprods.com

Dr. Nina Shapiro, UCLA pediatric surgeon and author tells us about her new book for kids about health: “THE ULTIMATE KIDS’ GUIDE TO BEING SUPER HEALTHY”. Dr. Shapiro tells us how this labor of love project began and how excited she is for it’s release next week. For more about her many books, socials and more visit https://www.drninashapiro.com/

Singer, songwriter, and friend of the show John Teague of the Teague Brothers Band shares all about their latest music. John talks about the inspiration behind their latest single “I Found Trouble”. We also discuss the trend of releasing more singles from and album before the actual album releases. John even talks about his varied musical background in various styles. For more information about the Teague Brothers Band, upcoming dates, music, merch and more visit https://www.teaguebrothersband.com/

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